Hon. Deputy Minister's Message

Buddha’s preaching is a doctrine delivered for the benefit of god and human communities in both worlds. It is a matter of great pride that Sri Lanka where the Gauthama Buddha visited thrice and where this worldly doctrine is well established has become center of Theravada Dhamma.

At this moment of completing 2560 years from the Sambuddha Parinirvana, it is truly a consolation having got the opportunity to be in a timely mission for the sasana while protecting the Theravada Dhamma. Further, it is a great privilege to all of us Sri Lankans having been successful in delivering examples of high social values to the entire world while living in a Budhhist social and cultural surrounding.

While it is a pleasure of having got the opportunity to address in this manner the official website of the Ministry of Buddhasasana which is the Cabinet Ministry that covers a distinguished subject area where priority have been granted through the constitution which is the prime law of the country, I wish this web site will be able fulfill a major and an outstanding role in the activity of carrying out a huge mission for the sasana and the society while being fruitful in government aspirations.


H.R. Sarathi Dushmantha, (Attorny-at-Law)
Deputy Minister of Buddha Sasana



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