Hon. Minister’s Message

The beginning of my political life which lasts over 5 decades denotes with the blessings of the Maha Sangha.

My political life which began from the Village Council, I have done my maximum dedication to serve the country and the people by holding various posts in the Provincial Council and in the Parliament.

The first responsibility entrusted to me under the new government in the year 2015 is the position of Minister for Food Security. My next responsibility after the 2015 General Election was to develop the living standards of the people of this country sustainably by preserving and managing the wildlife resource. I believe the greatest and the foremost environmentalist born to this world is Samma Sambuddha. Therefore by now the responsibility of protecting the Dhamma preached by Samma Sambuddha and the Sangha who follow his path has been entrusted to me while preserving the environment .

As the Minister of Buddhasasana I swear to all people that I will not hesitate to take all necessary steps to join the temple and village together ,to adjust our lives according to Buddhist doctrine, to update the Dhamma schools which formulate and polish the value of our children and produce them to the society, to improve the necessary infrastructure facilities for the Maha Sangha to disseminate Dhamma and to attend for social service work and for the existence of the Buddhasasana of Samma Sambuddha for a further long period. Further, improving facilities of the temples located in difficult areas will take a foremost place among my functions and I believe that I will get the support of the entire Buddhist community towards it.

I hope to implement all activities to disseminate the Sri Saddharma preached by Samma Sambuddha all over the world and to make Sri Lanaka as the resourceful place for preserving the Buddhist doctrine. I firmly believe as Anubudhu Mihindu Maha Rahath Thero preached “ the birds fly in the sky and for the animals of the earth has an equal right same as for you to live or walk here and there any where on this ground. All human beings are its inheritors and you are only its guardian”. I take action accordingly.

Gamini Jayawickrama Perera

Minister of Buddhasasana , Sustainable Development ,and Wild Life





Raharata Charika


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