Department of Buddhist Affairs

Department of Buddhist Affairs was initiated on 1st July 1981 as a result of recommendation of the committee appointed for the reorganization of the department of Cultural Affairs.


"To Create a Society adhering of Buddhist Principal"


"Mission to formulate, organize and implement programme for the prosperity of Buddhism and thereby creating a society for the local and international Buddhist Community betterment to realize model Buddhist Society"


  • Protection, fostering and dissemination of Theravada Buddhism
  • Preservation and organization of Sangika properties and utilizing them solely for the furtherance of the Buddhasasana
  • Creating a creative society, which value the ethics of the Buddha Dhamma
  • Maintaining,fostering and developing other ideologies associated with Buddhasasana from time immemorial,to suit the timely needs
  • Conservation,fostering and development of Buddhist literature, arts and crafts
  • Motivating and directing the Buddhist people to build up an organized Buddhist economy, compatible with modern technology 

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