Our Projects

Punyagrama Project

Punyagrama programme is being implemented throughout the island centered around temples with the object of producing a society filled with moral values. This project educates the priests and laymen on their task of producing a society which protects moral values by connecting the temple and the village together and thereby spearheading to utilize the younger generation of the country, which is considered as the most important group of the society, for social and spiritual development.

Assistance to temples in remote areas

In accordance with section V in page 29of the Mahinda Chinthana Manifesto the Ministry of Buddhasasana  grant financial aid to maintain temples which face severe financial difficulties.Assistance is being granted with view of uplifting these temples with financial difficulties and physical development of these temples are being carried out under the supervision of the respective Divisional Secreteries.

“Mathata Thitha” Liqour / Narcotics Preventive

“Mathata Thitha”(Liqour/Narcotics Preventive Programme) Programme is the National Level Programme for producing a Society free of Liquor / Narcotics as mentioned in the Mahinda Chinthana manifesto. This programme which was initiated in 2007 is now being activated by the Notional Navcatics Prevention Steering Unit which is established under the Ministry of Buddhasasana and Religious affairs and under the patronage of Rev.Athuraliya Rathana Thero.

Physical and Financial Progress of the Buddhist Nuns Programme (Dasa Sil Matha Project)

This is a project designed and implemented by the Ministry of Buddhasasana and Religious affairs to improve the knowledge of Dhamma and Capacity building of Buddhist nuns of different financial,social and education levels and who are living throughout the island. It is expected to develop the necessary knowledge,capacity and attitude of the Buddhist nuns through this programme in order to assist them in their social and religious activities more effectively.

In addition attention is drawn for the physical development of temples of Buddhist nuns and financial assistance is also being granted for the people.

Buddhist temple at Lumbini Nepal

Has been allocated in close proximity to Lumbini Sal park under the Lumbini Development project of Nepal for Buddhist countries to contract Buddhist Temples according to the architectural designers of each country. Accordingly this temple with Sri lanka identity was constructed with the object of providing facilities to Sri Lankan pilgrims as well as to Devotees of other countries. The area of the land allocated for this purpose is 80sqrs mtrs x 80sqrs mtrs an it is been managed the Sri Lanka Lumbini Trust.

Although it was expected to commence construction work in the year 1998 and to complete it by the year 2005 only 85% of the planned construction work has been completed.In the year 2009 under the guidance of his Exxcellency the Prasident a Trust by the name Sri Lanka Lumbini Development Trust was established and the construction work commenced again.

A provision of Rs.9 million has been made available in the year 2011 and s at 31.08.2011 construction work of the temple has been completed fully and 75% of the access road to the temple has been completed too.

Vidyalankara International Buddhist Conference Hall

This building has been constructed as a modern conference hall of Vidyalankara Pirivena premises at peliyagoda with 1200 seating accommodation to fulfill the requirement of an International Conference Hall for exchange of views on Buddhist Philosophy by Buddhist Priests and laymen of both Sri Lanka and other countries. In addition to the Main Conference Hall it consists 2 committee halls with 400 seating accommodation in each hall.

Sacred Areas Development Division

Under mentioned areas are identified as Sacred Areas,

  • Sacred places of important and of special significance.
  • Sacred places with provincial importance
  • Sacred places with archaeological aspects and historical values
  • On the basis of religious and social services rendered of provincial level by each historical sacred place.

Such sacred areas will be declared sacred place. Several areas declared by gazette notification under the Town and Country Planning Ordinance No 13 of 1946.

Accordingly financial assistance is granted for the development of sacred places on consideration of religioun. Archaelogical importance historical importance cultural importance, environmental importance and economical and social importance

The Rajarata Circuit Banglow at Kurundankulama

Ministry of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs with intention of providing lodging facilities vote to public officers who come to Anuradhapura on official duty and on pilgrimage. Facilities have been provided to a large number of government employees with a period one year at this banglow and it has become very popular as a holiday resort.

Buddhasasana Fund

Buddhasasana Fund wich was built with a solid fund for the sustenance of Buddhasasana is a statutory institution established and maintained under the Buddasasana Fund Act No.35 of 1990.

For this Fund which was built to protect and foster Buddhasasana a Board of control has been appointed under the Chairmanship of the Hon.Prime Minister for the Administration, Management and to formulate provisions relevant to the Act. This consists of members appointed ex – officio and two members appointed by His Excellency the President.