11th Congress of Sivhela National Angam Crafts Art Federation

October 3rd, 2022

Many scholars express different opinions that the beginning of Angampora fighting dates back to 33,000 years ago. There are different opinions that the Angampora fighting system is depicted through the ancient fighting carvings of Ambak. The tribes of Yakshas, ​​Nagas, Devas, and Rakshas who lived in Hela were generally Asuras; (During the Sura-Asura war) it is believed that this fighting method was used to protect them from threats from India. Historians mention that the Ravana era can be recognized as the golden age of this martial art.

Angam is the body. A fight is a battle. It is believed that the unarmed fight is called Angampora. Fighting with weapons is called Ilangam. In order to become an expert in Angam art, in addition to these two parts, one must learn the secret part known as Maya Angam, and because of the sharpness of this art, it is said that one person’s lifetime is not enough to learn the complete Angam martial art. In this way, the ancient Angam martial art, which was gradually developed over thousands of years, contributed to the utmost in protecting the Hela Kingdom from the enemy.

The 11th Congress of the four-member National Angam Crafts Association, which is made up of Sri Lanka’s popular Angam Art Institutes and Teacher Castes, was held recently (September 30) at the Ministry of Culture Auditorium, Setshiripaya. It is chaired by Mr. Siri Kotalawala. On this occasion, a book titled The Pride of Angam Craftsmanship and the book Ramayana & Historical Rawana written by N.C.K.Kiriella were presented to Minister Vidura Wickramanayake.

Angam art is not just a martial or dance art. It is a technique that helps in creating a virtuous and righteous society by developing spiritual powers and developing the mind. Honorable Minister Mr. Vidura Wickramanayake expressed his views extensively on how this Angam craft can be used to create a society full of good discipline and virtue in our country.

Opinions were expressed regarding the welfare of Angampora martial artists, adding an Angampora martial element to the National Independence Festival, and negotiating with the Ministry of Education to add a section related to this art to the school curriculum.
Furthermore, everyone agreed to the proposal made by the Minister to discuss involving the government institutions related to this scope such as the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Education, the University of Beauty, the Department of Archeology and the Ministry of Public Safety for the promotion of Angampora craft. Also, attention was paid to preparing a program to protect the Angampora martial arts and dance traditions as an intangible heritage.

For this occasion, the Maha Sangha, including Reverend Sumedha Thero, President of Galgamuwa Sri Shakyasingharam, Mr. Somaratne Widanapathirana, Secretary of the Ministry of Religious and Cultural Affairs of Buddha Sasana, Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Tarani Anoja Gamage, Siri Kothalawala, President of the Four-bladed National Angam Crafts Association, former Commander of the North East and Trikunamalaya were present. Former Governor General Ranjith de Silva, former North Central Provincial Council Secretary, former Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Dr. Suriya Gunasekara, Veyangoda Angam Guru R.A. Seneviratne, Central Kandy Angam Guru Ekanayake, and other Angampora teachers and students were present. Minister Mr. Vidura Wickramanayake was also present for the opening of this conference.