155th Birthday Celebration and Educational Scholarship Award Ceremony of Sir DB Jayathilaka

February 15th, 2023

The program was held on the occasion of the 155th birth anniversary of Sir Baron Jayathilaka, who was the first Honorary President of the Buddhist Federation, and was chaired by the Master, Royal Pandita His Holiness Trincomalee Ananda.

In this birthday celebration held with the participation of the Minister of Buddhist Religious and Cultural Affairs Mr. Vidura Wickramanayake, floral tributes were offered for Mr. DB Jayathilaka. With the participation of the relatives of Mr. DB Jayathilaka, scholarships were awarded to lay-monastic university and school students by the Sir DB Jayathilaka Memorial Scholarship Committee.

Respected Maha Sangharatna, the relatives of Sir DB Jayathilaka, the staff including the President of the Buddhist Federation, Sir DB Jayathilaka Memorial Scholarship Committee officers, the Principal of Colombo Ananda Vidyalaya, the parents of the scholarship recipients and many other people participated in this event.