55 for a simple ballad!

March 28th, 2023

Mr. Sumathipala Perera, President of the All Ceylon Ballad Association, said today (25) at the Colombo Public Library Auditorium that the ballad, which is an art peculiar to Sri Lanka, has now become a disappearing art among Sri Lankan fans, and he and his team are engaged in the task of re-popularizing it.

A group of veteran ballad singers of the island, Kolonnave HS Padmakumara, Galkissa Ajeet Rohana Fernando, Kala Shilpihu Beho, etc., sang songs here.

Dr. Pratibha Mahanamaheva, President of Sri Pali Mandapam, Dr. Pratibha Mahanamaheva, Chairman of State Intangible Cultural Heritage Advisory Council Prof. Kamal Valeboda,  Minister of Buddha Sasana,Religious and Cultural Affairs Vidura Wickramanayake and others joined the event.