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Secretary’s Message

Approximately the past two decades could be identified as an era which occured a revolutionary change in the field of Mass Media and Information Technology. By now, the world has become a global village and the speedy improvement of Information Technology had been conducive to bring the entire human community very much close to each other by destroying the geographical, regional, national, racial or cultural barriers. By now the Cyber Space has become the main media of exchanging Mass Media and Information.

Sri Sambuddha Dhamma is the human centered global doctrine which guides for spiritual development as well as for the secular improvement of the human society. Further, all main religious teachings in Hinduism, Islamism and Christianity are noble doctrines which guides towards building a society filled with human virtues such as Love, Patience, Co-existence and Beneficence. All fields such as History, Culture, Literature, Arts and Crafts are main indices depicting the identity and potential improvement of any human society. Information Technology is an essential tool in activities such as enhancing, publicizing and conservation the fields of religious, historical, cultural and aesthetic which are under the purview of this Ministry.

While the responsibility is entrusted to us through the Constitution to protect and foster Buddhism which is the historical driving force in shaping out the Sri Lankan culture, the Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs which is the main state mechanism, is fulfilling many activities spread over a wide area to make it a reality the said constitutional responsibility. Further, our Ministry fulfils responsibilities of many fields including enhancing and management of activities of other religions and protecting and management of national and cultural heritages for the future generation.

I believe that this website of our Ministry will be very effective in this process to build a desirable and effective inter-relationship among Venerable Maha Sanga and the clergy of other religions, people, students, artistes, scholars belonging to various religions and beliefs including local and foreign organizations, diplomatic institutions and communities, to exchange correct and essential information and specially in the activity of achieving the objectives and targets of “Vistas for Prosperity and Splendour” (Saubhagyaye Dekma) manifesto of His Excellency the President.

Deshabandu Professor Kapila Gunawardhane
Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs