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Physical Development

  • Providing financial assistance for the development of sacred areas and temples
  • Providing financial assistance for the development of Dhamma schools
  • Providing free sand / timber for the development of places of worship through the Ministry of Justice

Spiritual Development

  • Implementing value ​​development and Punyagrama programs
  • Drug prevention programs

Educational Programs

  • Conducting Language and Information Technology Courses for Dasasil Mani/ monks
  • Implementation of Elder Bhikku Training Programs
  • Scholarship Programs for Dasasil Mani/ monks

Medical Aid Programs

  • Buduputh Suraksha health care insurance program for drugs and Medical Tests during the Hospitalization of Dasasil Mani/ monks
  • Monthly assistance programs for Sil Mani/ monks suffering from chronic diseases

Other Services

  • Issuing visa recommendations for foreign lay and clergy parties visiting for religious activities
  • Providing customs duty relief on goods imported / exported for religious symbols and for the use in places of worship.
  • Providing visa concessions for foreign pilgrimages
  • Maintenance of local and foreign rest houses
    • Local –   Rajarata Rest House in Kurundankulam, Anuradhapura
    • Foreign – Dutugemunu Rest House in Nepal