Solutions to the problems of the students of Tower Tamil Drama and Theater School..

April 3rd, 2023

The students of Jaffna Tower Tamil Media School of Drama and Performing Arts, who came for the World Theater Day celebration on March 27, met Minister Vidura Wickramanayake and other heads of ministries at Apegama Premises in Battaramulla that afternoon.

All those who participated in this event discussed with the audience about the subject development of the drama and theater higher diploma course and the problems they have faced in the arts activities. Many matters were discussed, including the lack of musical instruments, the problematic conditions in the places where lectures are held, the inclusion of the Kuttu drama tradition belonging to Tamil theater in the syllabus and getting opportunities for the exhibition of their creations.

The Minister gave the necessary instructions to the heads of the relevant institutions to resolve the existing problems. Also, it was proposed to hold the Tower Theater Festival held in Colombo by the Tower Hall Theater Foundation in Jaffna and the minister gave instructions to make arrangements for that.Buddhasasana, the Additional Secretary (Development) of the Ministry of Religious and Cultural Affairs, the Director General of the Tower Hall Theater Foundation, and the principal of its educational courses participated in this event.