Tamil drama workshop is started at National Arts Academy, Kundasale…

May 11th, 2024

The Tamil drama workshop held jointly by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Arts Council of Sri Lanka and the State Drama Advisory Council was started today (11) at the National Arts Academy, Kundasale as the request of Tamil dramatists

50 Tamil dramatists from the North and Eastern provinces have participated in this drama workshop which is a two-day residential training workshop and many senior dramatists of Sri Lankan theatre have contributed resources.

It is expected that this workshop will help to bring Tamil theatre art to an optimal level, encourage them and create creative and excellent Tamil dramas through the contribution of Tamil dramatists entering the Sri Lankan theatre arts

A group of members of the State Drama Advisory Council including Mr. Chandrasiri Bogamuwa, Senior lecturer, Mr. Vasantha Vittachi, Veteran award-winning dramatist, Mr. Anthony Surendra, Veteran musician, Mr. Piyal Kariyawasam, award-winning literary scholar and dramatist, Mr. L. S. Mohan Raj, Veteran dramatist were present on this occasion.