The center of socio-cultural activities including the cultural revival of the people of the North, “Yapa Patune Cultural Center” will be inaugurated on the 11th of this month.

February 10th, 2023


This will fill the gap of a cultural center that embodies harmony and cooperation among the various communities of the island. The Jaffna Cultural Center, which was built with the help of the Government of India, provides social infrastructure for the people of Jaffna, including the people of the Northern Province, especially Jaffna, to reconnect with their culture. It also serves as a center for imparting training, advice and education on various cultural subjects. A hub of socio-cultural activities with a large theatre, a multi-media library with online research facilities, exhibition and gallery space and a museum, instructional departments with facilities for conducting classes in instrumental music, dance and languages including a language lab, a conference hall Serving the people.

The minister in charge of the subject, Mr. Vidura Wickramanayake, visited the place last (07) to find out about the organization of the opening program of the cultural center and how the future administrative work of the institution will be implemented. In this regard, discussions were held with the heads of administrative institutions and groups related to this center. Also, the Minister was observed about how the construction inside and outside the building has been completed.

Indian Councilor General, Governor of Northern Province, Mayor of Jaffna, Heads of Ministry of Buddhist Religious and Cultural Affairs, Heads of other related government institutions, Presidential Media Director and many other people participated in this event.