The first committee meeting to revise the National Cultural Policy….

February 20th, 2023

The first committee meeting to amend the National Cultural Policy was held last (16) at the Setsiripaya Cultural Affairs Ministry Auditorium under the chairmanship of the minister in charge of the subject. The National Cultural Policy has been published through the Special Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka bearing No. 1525/12. The minister in charge of the subject recently emphasized the need to build a new cultural policy that is sensitive to the social and economic changes taking place in the society today.

For the first committee meeting, Committee Chairman Prof. Praneeth Abhyasundara, Senior Prof. Premakumara de Silva, Advocate Pratibha Mahanama Hewa, Official Language Commissioner Prince Senadheera, Mr. AF Faroz Noon, Ms. Sandra Soja, Senior Architect Ashley D. Mr. Wash, Committee Secretary Sajeevani Chandima (Assistant Secretary Ministry of Buddhism) participated and Jaffna University retired professor P. Mr. Balasundarampillai was contacted through remote communication.Secretary of the Ministry Mr. Somaratne Vidana Pathirana, Additional Secretary (Cultural Promotion) Mr. Tilak Hettiarachchi and other heads of ministries and Minister in charge Mr. Vidura Wickramanayake also participated in this committee meeting.